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Senate Bill 4D PASSED!

Did you know that a new Bill has been passed to establish safety guidelines for high-rise buildings? In this video, I’m going to explain how the Surfside condo collapse tragedy has led to reform in condominium maintenance. We’ll find out what Senate Bill 4D requires and how it will help with building safety going forward.

The Surfside Condo Collapse

Many lives were lost in June of 2021. At around 1:00 am on the morning, half of the oceanfront condo complex called Champlain Towers South collapsed. While a few people were saved from the massive wreckage, a total of 98 people tragically died.

Shortly after the shock of the disaster passed, it was time to figure out what had caused the collapse. Reporters from The Miami Herald dug into years of reports, inspections, designs, and contract documents. A few potential causes were found, including a design flaw in the building’s pool deck and outdoor planters. Because they weren’t sloped to allow for proper drainage, structural damage to concrete that trickled down to the parking garage worsened over time.

It has since also been suggested that there were issues in the foundation and the rebar. Officials found that the slab under the pool deck gave way into the garage, contributing to the overall collapse of the building.

Senate Bill 4D

In response to this catastrophe, Florida lawmakers knew that they had to meet and act quickly to pass a condo reform law to prevent this from happening again. Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis signed in a new law in March of 2022 called Senate Bill 4D.

This Bill provides an overhaul of previous high-rise inspection laws. The new Bill will require more frequent recertification of safety standards and will mandate that condo boards build up reserves to make the necessary repairs. Recertification of condo buildings over 3 stories tall will be required every 30 years (or 25 if within 3 miles of the coast) and then every 10 years after.

This Bill will also require condos to provide inspection reports to residents. If there are any structural issues, the condo must begin working on repairs within a year of the report.

Safer Condo Buildings In Florida

While the Surfside collapse was a tragedy, it has led to increased awareness of high-rise condos structure and safety. It’s hoped that Senate Bill 4D will prevent anything like this from happening again.

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